Black and White Photography

Notice: I will book budget photography jobs per request. I am retired from photography. Please ignore my package/pricing. I will only take budget customers per request. I served Ventura County for over a decade. I have photographed hundreds of weddings. Email me: (home at venturaphoto dot com).

* If you have a normal budget, I am not a photographer for you. And PLEASE, I will not work for free. Expect to pay something. It takes me 5 hours just to get ready.

black and white wedding picture sepia wedding picture

With today's technology, all digital photographers shoot weddings in color. Images are then converted into B&W or sepia later.

If you know computer, then you know how easy it is to convert color image into B&W or Sepia.

But there are things you need to know. When a photographer shoot for black and white, photographers look at things a little differently. I look at things mainly for color photographs. Then I convert some images into B&W or sepia. Most photographers shoot for color, and convert to black and white later.

Photographers shoot exclusively for Black and White are the expensive photographers. Or they use second photographers to focus on Black and White.

A lot of consumers do not understand what I mean by "looking at things in the eyes of B&W".
If that's the case with you, then you will probably be happy with a lot of my images converted into B&W.

BUT, If you are deeply into B&W photography, then you must look for a photographer who specialises in Black and White.

Any photographer can pick out a handful of color images and turn them into black and white.  But, you don't want them if you want a lot of wedding pictures to be B&W.  You need to find a wedding photographer who's portfolio contains almost no color images.  You need to find somebody who is anti-color photography.  Black and white only photographers are one level above most wedding photographers.  They are more artistic, and they deserve to be paid well.

Some of my color images will look good in B&W and sepia. But, I don't put extra effort on B&W in particular.  I like to capture images as is - as technically accurate as possible.  So, you will remember things as you saw them.  I do not believe in fuzzy, dreamy, and faded effects (which can be easily applied if I wish to - but that's not my style.)

If you want Black and White - then you should hire a black and white only photographer for your wedding.  You cannot hire a Opera singer and tell him to sing a few Rock and Roll songs here and there.  It just doesn't work that way.  

Of course, as salesmen, most photographers will tell you "Yes, I will do black and white for you".

I hope you understand this and you are still happy with me. :)