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Wedding, Quinceanerea (Quinceañera), Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, sweet 16, family, reunion, baby, pet, birthday, corporate events, private party, and all occasions. Also products & corporate headshots.

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Notice: I will book budget photography jobs per request. I am retired from photography. Please ignore my package/pricing. I will only take budget customers per request. I served Ventura County for over a decade. I have photographed hundreds of weddings. Email me: (home at venturaphoto dot com).

* If you have a normal budget, I am not a photographer for you. And PLEASE, I will not work for free. Expect to pay something. It takes me 5 hours just to get ready.

Ventura County Wedding Photographer
Wedding, Quinceanera, Mitzvah, Family, Corporate Event, Environmental, Products, & more

"Wedding pictures to show who you are, not to mimic Gone with the Wind"


Congratulations on your engagement / wedding planning

Digital Wedding Photography $1,750 - Full day, flexible schedule, 300 4x6,1 economic album, web album (2yrs or longer), all images in DVD. AND the best personality in town (quiet, fun, humble, and know when to take charge).  Read More on wedding photography package.

The Personality: Personality is one trait that I am very proud of. I absorb your energy and go with the flow as a supporting role. Please keep that in mind when you read my wedding customers' testimonials. I provide the best wedding experience possible.

Qualified Professional Wedding Photographer - I have an AS degree in Photography and a BS Degree in Computer (CLU).  I wouldn't say photography is my "Weekend Thing".  Because I take on equal or more amount of wedding photography jobs than most photographers in Ventura County area.  There are no weddings during the weekdays, so I have decided to work full time.  I work during the weekdays as a professional web developer.  With my IT career, I am able to provide you the best price on wedding photography packages.  I give you a well rounded photographer with a qualifying knowledge on both art and science. But, most of all, I hope you will review my sample wedding pictures and customer comments.


  • Wedding clients' testimonials are my prize trophy. I am very proud to share them with you.
  • I enjoy, I care, and clients benefit from my wedding packages.
  • Well rounded, friendly, humble, and likable personality.
  • My Wedding Package is written out clearly.
  • I show you thousands of un-retouched wedding photography samples, not just a handful of digitally enhanced selections.

Ventura County California Wedding Photographer for $1750 is possible mainly because I do not sell expensive wedding albums.

I am confident that my ability, service rate, & personality will exceed your expectation. I honestly believe I have the best value in the entire Ventura County, California.

"Good pictures without expensive albums"

Congratulations & good luck with your wedding planning~!!

Southern California has the best weather. Ventura County is the best part of California to have outdoor weddings. Ventura County is blessed with the best wedding photography weather. I've been living in Camarillo, Ventura County, since 1999 and I love Ventura County. Since my relocation to Ventura County, I stopped taking pictures of musicians in Hollywood and started to do wedding and Quinceañera (Quinceanera) photography in Ventura County (also in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara)

Mostly I do weddings. I hope to do more Quinceanera (Quinceañera), Gay Wedding photography, and gala events. Now that Gay Marriage ruling is lifted, I hope to photograph some gay weddings soon.

Take your time to review my pricing & sample wedding pictures. I would love to be your wedding photographer. offers you an affordable yet classy wedding photography packages in Ventura County. I am flexible and easy to talk to.

There are a lot of good wedding photographers in Ventura County. Most California wedding photographers can produce quality wedding albums. If I had (a lot of) money, I would hire $5,000.00 wedding photographer for my own wedding. But, with my 2 college degrees and a primary employment, I still find $5,000.00 wedding photography too expensive.

The industry wants us to believe that wedding photography has to be expensive. Many of us believe that we are obligated to purchase thousand dollar wedding album.

I believe there should be cheaper wedding photographers in Ventura County. There is a demand for good budget photographers. Some people don't want to purchase thousand dollar leather albums. Somebody has to accommodate normal people like us. That's where I come in. I am proud to call myself a "Budget Photographer for normal folks "

I use professional photography equipment at the weddings. I produce good photographs. I keep wedding photography price low because I do not sell leather albums. By not selling leather albums, I am saving 20~30 hours of labor.

My clients agree that my best asset is personality. Please visit clients testimonials to read what they wrote. These testimonials are 100% original and unedited.

I am happy to be your wedding photographer.

I am also available for Corporate events, Headshots, family, reunion, birthday, pets, products, and all other occasions.

Purpose: To provide affordable professional wedding photography services in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles County area.

Business: Provide good wedding images without leather albums. Keep professional wedding photography affordable for clients with average to low income.

Values: Understanding consumers needs for affordable professional wedding photography services.

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Travel Charge Applies: Orange County & San Diego County provides wedding photography services in Agoura Hills, Woodland Hills, Westlake Village, Camarillo, Somis, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Oxnard, Ventura, Ojai, Port Hueneme, Santa Paula, Fillmore, Los Angeles, Malibu, California.