Notice: I will book budget photography jobs per request. I am retired from photography. Please ignore my package/pricing. I will only take budget customers per request. I served Ventura County for over a decade. I have photographed hundreds of weddings. Email me: (home at venturaphoto dot com).

* If you have a normal budget, I am not a photographer for you. And PLEASE, I will not work for free. Expect to pay something. It takes me 5 hours just to get ready.

John is a fabulous photographer with the best prices around. We were so glad we found him. Our pictures came out beautiful and we didn't have to take a second mortgage out to pay for them. They are more than we expected! Thanks so much! We will spread the word as often as we can.

John & Kim Kellerman

Originally Posted 08/21/05 at 09:53:04