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Photography Fitness: Wedding, August 1, 2008

Wedding on Friday August 1, 2008 at Calamigos Ranch, Malibu 

Project: Photography Fitness, July 26, 2008 Wedding

This was my third wedding with my heart rate monitor.  I am beginning to see the relationship between the temperature and calories burn.  I burn more calories when the weather is hot.  My heart beats faster when the weather is hot.  Today was not as hot as last 2 weddings.  Today I burned the least amount of calories. I burned 1844 calories (compared to my other 2 wedding with 2754 & 2208 kcal expenditure)

I walked 4.8 miles today.

Above: red circle marks the time I was driving from Poin Mugu to Simi Valley

Coffee Cup: Heritage Square & Point Mugu

Wedding: July 26, 2008 

Wedding ceremony was at Heritage Square, Oxnard.  After the wedding I went to Point Mugu for beach photo-shoot.  Notice how the sky is gray at the beach. 

After the beach photo-shoot, we went to Simi Valley for a reception.

Personal Project: Coffee Cup at Westlake Village

Westlake Village Inn.
July 12, 2008

Wetlake Village Inn

The bride and groom stayed at Westlake Village Inn.  But the wedding ceremony was scheduled at their house in Thousand Oaks.  The bride and groom got the photography pass so we took care of the formal photography at Westlake Village Inn.

Project: Photography Fitness, July 12, 2008 Wedding

Wedding: July 12, 2008 

Project: Coffee Cup - Simi Valley

Simi Valley Photographer
Wedding Site: Grand Vista Hotel, Simi Valley

This is an extremely rare occasion.  I opted not to drink my ritualistic coffee, because it was so hot.  Wedding was held in Simi Valley.  If you live in Ventura County, you know how Simi Vally is like.  Simi Valley is the hottest city in the Ventura County.

I felt a little vulnerable and naked without my Minolta Coffee Cup.  But it was so dang hot that I was not going to drink hot coffee.  Instead, I settled with McDonald's Iced Coffee.  The temperature hit a century mark in Simi Valley.  I drank a lot of water as I photograph the wedding. 


Project: Coffee Cup - Ventura Church

Ventura Church Photographer
Wedding Site: Our Lady of the Assumption

It was a super hot day on June 21, 2007.  I didn't drink too much coffe because it was so hot. 

Project: Coffee Cup - Hotel Mar Monte

Hotel Mar Monte, Santa Barbara
Wedding Site: Hotel Mar Monte, Santa Barbara

This is a back-street from Hotel Mar Monte, Santa Barbara.  I come here very often.  Cabrillo Pavillion Arts Center is located across the street from Hotel Mar Monte.  Because the hotel is located so close to Cabrillo State Beach the parking is always the issue.  But I always find a spot on this backstreet.

Project: Coffee Cup - Ventura Marriott

Ventura Marriott, wedding photographer
Wedding Site: Marriott Hotel, Ventura

Project: Coffee Cup - Camarillo, Padre Serra Parish

Camarillo Photographer
Wedding Site: Padre Serra Parish - Camarillo

Padre Serra Parish is a strict wedding location in Camarillo.  You must qualify in order to get married in here.  It's an exclusive, high class Catholic wedding venue.  The interior of the Parish is breath-taking.

Blog entry about a wedding in Padre Serra Parish.